When a woman like Next Door Nikki gets down on her hands and knees and shows off her tight little ass like this… Sheer perfection. Next Door Nikki is ass up, faced down, with her bra out… And you can see her thong too!

Next Door Nikki has a great rack, but we shouldn’t forget that she has a great ass too. And she loves showing off her ass!

next door nikki doggie style

Damn, even though Next Door Nikki has a tight pair of jeans on we can see most of her ass!

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22 Dec 15

Next Door Nikki

Sometimes Next Door Nikki confuses me. Sometimes I think she’s the typical girl next door, nothing special; Just a cute a girl a tight little t-shirt. Well, that is if you an can ignore the fact that Next Door Nikki has a killer rack for being a young teen….

next door nikki tight t-shirt tight jeans1

On the other hand I think Next Door Nikki is a sex vixen – a hot young big breasted teen that loves sex and loves to get fucked hard. How else can you explain why Next Door Nikki spends so much of her time on her hands and knees?

Next Door Nikki looks mighty hot here in these tight jeans…..

next door nikki tight t-shirt tight jeans2

Looks like we caught Next Door Nikki doing her laundry….. All I see is her sexy panties!!!!

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19 Dec 15

Boobies That Float

Next Door Nikki has a bikini on, but you can’t see it. But then again, that’s not really important. What is important is her titties are out – huge giant boobies!

I wonder if they float. I mean, Next Door Nikki seems to be holding her breasts up but I bet you they float on their own…

next door nikki huge boobs

This is yet another reason for us to love women with huge boobs! And this is exactly why we love Next Door Nikki!

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17 Dec 15

Super Super Tight

Just when I thought I would be able to say “no” to anyone – just walk away from any piece of ass no matter how beautiful it is….. Along comes Next Door Nikki in high heels, a beautiful red thong, and beautiful sexy long legs……

But hot damn, I would so hit Next Door Nikki in a heart beat!!!!

next door nikki super tight ass

I so love this chick!

Next Door Nikki, if your ever single and have some free time, be sure to look me up! Everyone else, get in line behind me!!!

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15 Dec 15

Stripper Pole

I knew that there was something special about Next Door Nikki – I just had no idea what it was. It might be her huge fucking knockers, or it might be her super tight sweet ass. Or maybe it’s her willingness to get naked and do naughty things. It could be any one of those things….

Or, it might be that she’s a stripper!

next door nikki stripper pole1

You should see the rest of the pictures in this photo set. Clearly Next Door Nikki knows how to handle herself on a stripper pole. And that’s exactly what makes Next Door Nikki so special. Chicks who can work it on a stripper pole are super fucking hot. Not because they are slutty and love to bang us in the VIP lounge, but because they have all the right moves – and strong leg muscles! Girls who know how to work the stripper pole are wild fucks in bed!

And this speaks volumes about Next Door Nikki!!!!

next door nikki stripper pole2

I bet you Next Door Nikki can work the stripper pole all night long – and then take care of our needs until morning! That’s our type of girl!

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12 Dec 15

Super Cleavage

It’s really hot when teen chicks have big boobs… We all like big boobs; We are all boob men at heart…

Nikki Sims here has a huge rack… And always seems to be wearing the sexiest bras! I’m not sure how she finds bras that holds her huge boobs in like this!

next door nikki cleavage

When Nikki Sims shows off her boobs in a tight black bra like this, all I see is cleavage!

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The more I stare at this picture of Next Door Nikki and Misty Anderson the harder I get…

next door nikki misty anderson lesbian sex

Note the poster on the wall that says “Next Door Nikki” on it. I want one of those!

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With an ass like this… How in the world can you say no to Next Door Nikki????

sexy nikki next door2

God, how I do love me a big breasted teen in tight blue jeans!!!

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Next Door Nikki – now called Nikki Sims – has always had a huge rack. I mean, seriously, I don’t she could possibility have bigger boobs. I’ve often wondered if they are real or not; I don’t care – I just want to motorboat her. Better yet – I want Nikki Sims to ride on top of me naked so I can watch those huge boobs bounce up and down while she’s fucking me!

Look at the way those huge melons rest in her bra. They look like they are just ready to pop out!

next door nikki huge boobs 1

And when she takes them out of the bra… Well, Next Door Nikki just wants to play with them!

next door nikki huge boobs 2

You would too!

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3 Dec 15

Legs Spread Wide

When we think about Next Door Nikki, we all think the same thing – huge boobs. But of course there is so much more to Next Door Nikki than just boobs… So much more than just boobs!

Right about now Next Door Nikki is on her back with her legs spread, wearing a sexy little pair of panties… Hungry?

next door nikki panties legs spread

I know, right? You just want to dive in on Next Door Nikki and go to town on her!

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